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What do we want?

Election Hub

In this election, Sussex Progressives are targeting the election of progressive candidates in 5 constituencies: Hove, Brighton Pavilion, Brighton Kemptown, Eastbourne, and Lewes.

Progressive parties collectively achieved a majority in all 5 of these constituencies in 2015, but in only 2 seats were the Tories beaten.

This time, by working together, we can make Brighton and Hove, and Eastbourne and Lewes, progressive!

Make no mistake, this election is like no other. In living memory there has not been an election as important as this one. Given the significance of the issues on the table including Brexit, the future of our public services, and growing inequality in our communities, the outcome will set the direction of this country for a generation.

Now is not the time for defeatism. Now is not the time for sticking to politics as usual. It is time to do politics differently! It is time to work together and deliver the progressive future we need!

Throughout the campaign, our ‘Election Hub’ will be provide information and resources to campaign for a progressive Sussex.

Want to get involved? Head to the 'What can I do?' page now for information on how to join the campaign!

The seats


Currently represented by Peter Kyle of Labour, Hove will face a major challenge from the Conservative Party. Cooperation between the progressive parties, and strategic voting from the electorate, could hold onto this seat, one of the very few progressive seats on the south coast. 

We recommend to VOTE LABOUR

Brighton Pavilion

This seat has the biggest progressive majority of all the seats we are targeting. It is currently held by Caroline Lucas of the Green Party. Cross-party cooperation here will mean the progressive parties have more resources to deploy elsewhere.

We recommend to VOTE GREEN

Brighton Kemptown

Kemptown was lost in 2015 by Labour to the Conservatives by a very narrow majority. It has a majority of progressive voters, however. By working together, this seat can be taken from the Conservatives!

We recommend to VOTE LABOUR


The Liberal Democrats narrowly missed out in Eastbourne to the Tories in 2015. Collectively, however, progressive parties would have beaten the Conservatives. This seat is likely to be tough for progressive parties, with UKIP having done the best here in 2015 than in any other seat we are targeting. All the more important then for progressive parties to work together to make sure the Tories are beaten here!



Lewes was taken by the Tories in 2015 narrowly from the Liberal Democrats. Like Eastbourne, the UKIP vote here was one of the higher of the 5 constituencies we are targeting. Therefore, progressive cooperation will be vital to make sure the Conservatives are beaten in Lewes