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Squabbling in Stoke will get us nowhere

What are Labour and The Lib Dems playing at in Stoke-on-Trent? Admittedly I am only observing from the distant shores of Brighton, but at the moment they seem more keen on taking pot-shots at each other than confronting the very real possibility of Paul Nuttall becoming an M.P. Jeremy Corbyn still can’t get over the fact that the Lib Dems entered into coalition with the Tories, even though under Farron the party has changed. “What’s progressive about alliances with a party that spent six years slashing welfare spending in Britain?” “So when people say to me you should form a progressive alliance with the Liberal Democrats, I just ask, what is progressive about them?” Corbyn is quoted as saying in The Independent.  Meanwhile Tim Farron has said he has no intention of working with a Labour leadership which voted for Article 50. These are petty arguments in the face of the possible election of someone who, according to, denies the scientific consensus on climate change, believes the NHS stifles competition and is against banning discrimination against gay people. Of course the parties on the left are going to have differences, but these must be put aside if we are to confront the rise of UKIP in this country. Corbyn and Farron need to grow up and work together.

By Hugh Dunkerley

Robbie Hirst