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Progressives must work to keep Trumping Mayhem held to account

Whilst world leaders, spanning from Angela Merkel to Enrique Peña Nieto, were quick to denounce and condemn some of the many executive orders Donald Trump has signed, our own Prime Minister chose to walk through the grounds of the White House, hand in hand with a man infamous for the remark ‘grab em’ by the pussy’. Unfortunately, our need for trade deals in the post-Brexit economy has quite literally trumped our values.

Progressives must work on both sides of the Atlantic to ensure that Theresa May and Donald Trump’s shared appeasement to right wing populism is quashed. Both exist on a mandate of broken promises. A wall paid for by the people it’s designed to suppress and a commitment to NHS funding on the side of a bus that has since proved as meaningless as the term ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

Whilst May was seen as a safe pair of hands in the summer leadership contest, her history within the Conservative party proves otherwise. This is a politician who gave the green light to the anti-immigration vans during her tenure as Home Secretary. As well as that, she wishes to remove Britain from the European Court of Human Rights, an isolationist policy that echoes the current agenda of Trump and his team.

In the weeks since inauguration, it has been inspiring to see the representatives from all progressive parties coming out to condemn. Not only this, but a petition with over a million signatures, and even Conservative MPs such as Anna Soubry, Kenneth Clarke and Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson coming out and criticising the fact that President Trump is due to make a State Visit.

A State Visit should be privilege, and a privilege that reflects a nation’s attitude toward a foreign leader. As a country, we may have been cut open by the EU referendum, but voices from both sides are uncomfortable with the prospect of Donald Trump landing on British soil, paid for by the British tax payer. When he addresses the Queen, he does so with a cruel irony, saying in 1998 that he believed he would have had the ability to sleep with her grandsons’ deceased mother and her successor’s first wife. Yet this is only one of the many demeaning comments that Trump has made during his career.

Whether socialist, liberal, or environmentalist, it is clear that we must work together to campaign against Trump’s vitriol and undermine his power as leader of the free world. He did not win the popular vote, and he most certainly cannot be allowed to win the hearts of the British people.

By Jimmie Franklin


Robbie Hirst