Sussex Progressives


Write to your local party executive now to call for a Progressive Alliance

An election has been called. Lines are being drawn. The next 5-10 days will be crucial in determining the shape of the electoral contests in constituencies across the country.

In this brief window where candidates are being finalised and campaign machineries are getting into gear, we have an opportunity to make this election like no other. A Progressive Alliance, where parties of the left work together to ensure a progressive majority is returned to parliament, is still a possibility.

To achieve it, however, we must act quick. We must show the progressive political parties that we want a politics built on cooperation, not unnecessary conflict.

We urge everyone to write to local party executives now to express their support for a Progressive Alliance, and to call on them to open conversations with other progressive parties about cooperation.

Head to our ‘Election Hub’ now for letter templates:

Together we can defeat this right-wing Tory government!

Robbie Hirst