Sussex Progressives


Progressive Alliance in Brighton Has Lift-Off!

Last night, the people of Brighton and Hove took two big steps towards a grown-up, forward-thinking politics. Liberal Democrat activists voted to stand down in Brighton Pavilion and Green activists voted to stand down in Brighton Kemptown. This is local people acting in the interests of the greater good, standing up to Theresa May’s reckless, ideologically driven agenda and joining the fight to turn back the blue tide that threatens to engulf this most progressive of cities.

These unilateral actions demonstrate the strength of feeling the people of Brighton and Hove have for a new kind of politics. A politics that rejects tribalism, protects the future of our public services, and moves us closer to a more equal society. The Green Party have shown great moral leadership, first in Ealing and Acton and now in Brighton Kemptown, and the Liberal Democrats have shown the courage to put progressive values ahead of party interests, stand up for change and a new way of doing politics.

Our first-past-the-post electoral system is giving the Tories a free pass, but a grassroots alliance is building from the bottom up. Sussex Progressives now urge Labour to play their part, and acknowledge that a voting system that denies people a meaningful vote is not fair, democratic, or progressive. Many within the Labour party are already listening, but action is required. The first move has been made in the campaign to elect three progressive MPs across the city of Brighton and Hove, the people have shown they are willing, Labour have an opportunity to put party interest and tribalism aside. Our proudly progressive, tolerant and welcoming city deserves nothing less.

Robbie Hirst