Sussex Progressives
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What can I do?

Stalls and Canvassing

Get involved!

Head over to our events page to see where a stall or canvassing session will be happening in your area.

If you're based in Brighton and Hove - sign up now to one of our stalls by adding your name to this Google Doc

If you're based in Lewes - write to on how to get involved in the campaign there.

Never campaigned before?

No problem! Check out our campaign resources page here for information on how to run a stall, talk to voters, knock on doors, and more.


Letter templates to parties

Write to your local party executives now and tell them that you support cooperation between progressive parties in this election!


Here are some letter templates:

I’m a Labour supporter

I’m a Green Party supporter

I’m a Liberal Democrat supporter



Hove: Anne Pissaridou

Brighton Pavilion: Jon Rogers

Brighton Kemptown: Miriam Binder

Lewes: Jon Redford

Eastbourne: Jake Lambert

Liberal Democrat

Hove, Brighton Pavilion & Kemptown:




Hove, Brighton Pavilion & Kemptown:


Eastbourne: Rob Sier

Letter template to family and friends

Write to your family and friends and tell them why you're supporting a Progressive Alliance in this election.

Unsure what to write?

Use our letter template here!

Sign the petition

Unite Don’t Fight: Back the Pacts! A call for Progressive General Election Electoral Pacts in Brighton & Hove, Lewes and Eastbourne, co-organised by Brighton & Hove Compass and Sussex Progressives

Brighton is rightly renowned as a liberal, politically progressive, open minded city and we want our elected politicians to represent that majority view after the General Election!

Sign the petition here now!

Buy a T-Shirt

Email us now if you want your own Sussex Progressive shirt - spread the Progressive Alliance message!